Bruno Suet

Posted on Tue, 10 Nov 2009 by midcenturyjo

I’d like to introduce you to my new photographer crush. He’s French and his work is hot! His name is Bruno Suet. Simple compositions and clear even light ensure that each room appears centre stage, in the spotlight. Like the modern rooms he has captured here his work appears deceptively simple but is actually complex.  These spaces look you square in the face and say here I am and I’m raw, I’m vital. Don’t miss his exhibition portfolio on his website. It’s ethereal and so beautiful.





midcenturyjo says:

Good point Natasha. I should have edited more carefully. I meant ethereal as in of course other wordly, light and delicate. How can a room be transient. I’m off to change it.

1 word: WOW! I want that pink staircase, those stools AND the black chandelier is MUST!!!!! How lovely & different his style is. He’s fabulously talented. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

Romi says:

How beautiful the pink stair is, so much color, I like it! Greetings

C. says:

Yes, there are so many little details I want to inspect further in each image! Definitely interesting work.

Wow, love the first pic especially!
Congrats on your new image, so cool.

K. McRea says:

This. Is. Absolutely. Gorgeous. And your new look is so fantastic. Makes me want to get off Blogger pronto.

Desire to Inspire says:

Thanks Kristen. Blogger was great in some ways, but squarespace allows us to do SO much more.

eve says:

amazing! everything is so beautiful, I can’t stop looking at those pictures! love your new look as well!

jackielnx says:

too bad about all the animal skin rugs…gross!

KiM says:

jackielnx, you left your comment in the wrong post.

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