Casually draped sofas

Posted on Wed, 11 Nov 2009 by KiM

Lately I have been seeing alot of sofas simply draped in pieces of fabric or loosely slipcovered and I really love the casual and comfortable vibe this produces. It’s a wonderful money-saving solution to anyone with a hand-me-down sofa whose upholstery may be less than desirable. My favourite is when draped with a huge piece of cream coloured linen. I love easily wrinkled fabrics and this has the effect of “come take a leap on here, throw your feet up and call the dog/S.O. up to snuggle with you”. This idea can also easily have a messy and cheap look but if the rest of the room is filled with natural and casual items then it can work. It’s a great way to get a different look with each season as well – light linen in the summer and faux fur in the winter (I love the photo with the fur below).

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I’ve always liked this look and had a sofa draped in white cloth in our last house. As you say, when it’s done right, it’s a terrific casual look. Another great roundup, as always. I’m also loving the site’s new look!

Linda says:

Brits have been doing this forever.

Romi says:

I like this idea, I have my couch this way, I have covered it with a white canvas, and many pillows!

I do like this look in the right circumstances but it it isn’t at all practical. Mostly because you have to rearrange the mussed up drapery after every use… (Although – maybe it would work better on chairs without arms ?)
I had to ditch the draped look once I had kids. It was driving me nutty fixing it over and over!

carlitadee says:

I have this look going. I’m doing it to cover an old green Craigslist couch until I can afford a better one. At first I wasn’t too sure, but it is fun to change the covers seasonally, and throw pillows make it look much less amorphous. I’m using two spreads from Ikea, which are a nice brown color and have great texture.

Thanks for featuring this look. Some like it; some don’t. It’s grown on me and some of the pictures here show it can look really great.

Snapdragon Inn says:

YES!!! White is clear clean and bright. I have been painting pure white semi-gloss trim over at the Inn for what seems to be months. It is extremely satisfying to see the white up against the color of the way. Love these pix!

anon says:

I like the picture of the black dog looking longingly at the white couch!

fiona4802 says:

I have tried this and while it’s great in theory it’s a nightmare in practice. As soon as someone sits on it, it gets all messed up and you waste far too much time tucking it all back in so it doesn’t look like a dog’s breakfast. I have fitted couch covers now! 😉

Maggie says:

Hubby and I lived in smaller for 2 years. well that was before we were married. It was definitely interesting and makes us appreciate our small house for how big it is!

A says:


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