Joanna Henderson

Posted on Fri, 13 Nov 2009 by midcenturyjo

Talk about a power portfolio! Evey shot is a winner. Gob smacked I bow down to the talent that is photographer Joanna Henderson. OK, OK I’ll tone it down a bit but truly I am so inspired by Joanna’s work. Gorgeous light and colour, interesting composition and simply stunning shots. I love them all. I know it helps when a room is gorgeous but without a great photographer to bring it to life we’d never know.










whyioughtta says:

I love these interiors and they inspire me to put a question to Jo, Kim, and other DTI readers: I am looking for a soft, silvery blue-grey (not grey-blue–I’ve found there’s a difference) paint for my living room. I recently painted with a soft grey-blue (i.e. blue was the base colour) and it just reads as ‘kid’s room baby blue’. I"m looking for something like the wall colours in the fourth and fifth rows down (the living room with the portrait of the woman over the mantle and the living room with the yellow/chartreuse chair and blue rug). Does anyone have any colour suggestions???

Thanks again to Kim and Jo for daily inspiration…!

JG says:

VERY NICE! I like this collection of photos – you guys are the best!

Luke Neve says:

Phwoar! Do you know if she styled these shots too?

KiM says:

I love how she takes advantage of natural light. Stunning pics. And the white floors are dreeeeeeamy.

Romi says:

How much color! Beautiful pictures, Greetings.

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