Studio Mumbai

Posted on Wed, 18 Nov 2009 by midcenturyjo

Exotic location and exotic design. Stunning minimalist homes that sensitively address their surroundings, reverence their culture and are simply beautifully designed. Indian architect Bijoy Jain of Studio Mumbai weaves his spell with local materials and traditions, craftsmen who take time, clients who understand. These are loci of calm in a monsoon that is India.





oregonbird says:

Hello Kim, I’m back! Still with the same problem. The ‘click&saveas’ that used to work like a dream on your old site — and still works absolutely everywhere else — gains me nothing. I used to have to click to the larger photo (sometimes) to capture the image, but now — it’s like asking your husband what he wants for dinner. Or at least, the same feel — a virtual blank stare.

I realize that the site is faster without the enlarge option. But is anyone else experiencing this? has anyone got around it? Because I’ve come up with two dork alternatives to ‘saveas’, and on this site alone — nada. Which makes me incredibly sad!

And thanks for the good thought; RA and seasonal changes go together like pickles & peanut brittle.

oregonbird says:

Ignore previous post. Love the new site. Absolutely problem-free. (face plant)

whyioughtta says:

This is stunning. Although…I could never live with that much shade. But then again I live in a climate with 9 months of cold and partial darkness…It seems perfect for its geography.

KiM says:

oregonbird, glad you figured out how to snatch up all our photos. 🙂

whyioughtta, don’t exaggerate – it’s 8.5 months of cold and dark. 😛

these spaces are soooo moody and exotic. lovely. (although I hope it’s just the photo retouching that makes them so dark)

Romi says:

This place invites you to take a break!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS! When can we move in?

Debra says:


Your blog has so many different and interesting photos. I love the kitchen with the green chairs and the taupe colored photo too. Very inspirational ideas.
~Debra The capers of the vintage vixens

Dreamy!!! Love the indigenous materials with a contemporary flair!

Beautiful. So simple, yet grand, and all the natural materials. Wonderful.

Lady says:

Amazing! This would make a perfect beach house in the Philippines!

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