Melanie Acevedo

Posted on Tue, 1 Dec 2009 by KiM

Hi folks! I am back from Vegas, unfortunately. 🙂 We had a blast and really should have planned to stay a bit longer. We did alot of shopping but not as much sight-seeing as I would have liked. My sister’s wedding was fantastic, and I am so grateful to her and her new husband for deciding to get married somewhere warm, well, at least warmer than here in Ottawa. So I am back, and I missed my cats, the blog and all of you. I did however come back with a very irritating sore throat which I hope I can get to disappear with lots of meds. In any event, I’d like to share some photos from one of my favourite photographers from the late Domino magaine, Melanie Acevedo. I believe we’ve featured many of these photos here before in random posts but Melanie’s photos are so fantastic she should have her own dedicated post.

Second row down, photo on the right is the look I’m hoping to achieve for my new sun room when it’s done! Nice to see "it" somewhere besides inside my head while I’m dreaming and planning. All the photos are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them.

Heather says:

Oh manzies! I have half of these ripped out and on my wall and until now I had no idea that Domino had met an untimely death! I’m so bummed. Well, hopefully you guys will keep blogging- I’m so glad I stumbled into your site, it’s gorgeous!

This post is wonderful. It’s really inspiring me to take a new look at my apt!

Magchunk says:

I agree. These are some of my Domino faves! No idea they were the same photographer. What a beautiful portfolio!

I agree, these pictures def. deserve to stand on their own…

midcenturyjo says:

Yes! Yes! Yes! Every one of these has been saved in the inspiration file. I can’t believe we have never featured Melanie Acevedo.

Lori says:

Welcome back! Glad to hear you had fun (other than getting sick!) Not that it helps, but I also caught a nasty cold over Thanksgiving, so I’m sitting here sniffling away annoying all my co-workers. 🙂

Beautiful post! I did not realize either that all these were taken by the same Photographer. She does take great photos. I miss Domino! Sniff. 🙁

carol says:

omg that grey kitchen is to die for

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