Straight from the text book on Swedish houses

Posted on Thu, 3 Dec 2009 by midcenturyjo

J. E. N. knows that Kim and I can’t resist a good Swedish home. If it’s white with pops of colour, hard floor (preferably white or at least a light wood), sleek kitchen, the occasional piece of design classic Scandinavian furniture and a sheepskin somewhere then we’re in heaven. So thank you J. E. N. for sending in the link to this townhouse for sale in Saltsjöbad.


Maybe a bit too sleek, that home. Those spotlights in the ceiling have been poping up in every modern swedish home nowadays. Looks like the whole home is a bathroom.
By the way, the poster in the living room, above the sofa says "Allt ordnar sig nog" which means something like "Everything will probably be ok" – in case someone’s wondering.

Ha ha, I didn’t even read the poster! "Allt kommer nog att bli bra"! Same meaning, though.

love it, think it hits all the right notes in the key of swede!

oregonbird says:

The spring green, in living color, is so beautiful — and transitory. I have to admit, I’d probably run with that color and splash it about a bit. I’m 5’4"… I’d be growling from morning til night with everything stored so high.

a bag of clams always amazes me

oh holland says:

Anybody have an idea on the tiled wall behind the toilet? Does it contain the tank, so the "chair" part is all that shows? If so, how to get to it when the water keeps running and the arm needs jiggling? … I like it, just wonder about practical considerations.

Desire to Inspire says:

You’re right oh holland. It does hide the tank and in new builds is often incorporated flush with the wall. There is often an access panel somewhere in the tiling. In this case it may be the top. Or sometimes the flush panel is removable.

Eimear Nic an B says:

Okay, so since we’re discussing the tiled wall behind the toilet – I am renovating my home and the plumber has built in a frame and created a tiled wall like this in the bathroom, where the mechanisms for the sink and toilet are behind the wall. The problem is the section on top: it needs to be removable, for practical purposes, as outlined above. So, the plumber is insisting that it can’t be tiled as that won’t allow it to be accessed it eaily when things go wrong (he’s the plumber from hell by the way, I’m dying to get him out of my hair!!!), but he can’t provide a classy material as an alternative – he keeps on trying to push tacky things like chrome and veneered oak on me. The problem is that this one panel is in danger totally lowering the tone of my lovely tiled bathroom unless I find a nice classy way of finishing it. I have gorgeous white metro tiles from Fired Earth all over the walls and I had hoped that I could put the same on this panel…does anyone have any suggestions?…

KiM says:

I don’t see why he can’t build a little door that flips up (or whatever) to access the plumbing that is tiled like the walls. Tell him to build the freaking door/panel and you’ll tile it yourself. Maybe he’s just being an ass. 🙂

Eimear Nic an B says:

Ha ha ha…yeah, I think you might be on to something there Kim – he’s just being an ass!

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