Flickr finds – headboards

Posted on Sun, 6 Dec 2009 by KiM

lisa says:

so many beautiful and creative beds!!!

Guillaume says:

The green bed is adorable !!!
I love the wood bed too.
Have a nice week !
From France.

Donna says:

LOVE tufted headboards….these are all so great!

Ella says:

I have been a reader of this blog for a long time but i have never commented. But this post has moved me so much. The headboards are all so inventive and distinctive. Just gorgeous!!! I will definitely use these ideas for my own bed..Keep up the great work ladies!!!

Love the new blog layout – and the headboards are great! The green is my favourite.

oregonbird says:

Headboards. Yawn. "…" OMG! NOT just headboards! These are marvelous works of art. And not in the "handcarved centuries ago and I paid through the nose just to impress people" way. Personal bits of making the very best of things. Posters, shutters, sticks and bits of crystal… lovely. And if there hadn’t been someone lying in the bed (the fur coat is a nice, colorific touch) how would we have known the sheer *scope* of that massive construction? I suspect the happy rattan is Kim’s personal contribution — it seems very like Kim, anyway.

What a wonderful post!

Chelsea says:

That green tufted headboard is exquisite! These are such creative ideas! Very inspirational!

Piper says:

I love the yellow polka dot wallpaper with the orange headboard – what a fun room! Thanks for all the great ideas – as we currently don’t have a headboard right now I could use the inspiration!

Dudette says:

Ummmm, there is a shower on the wall in the 4th-to-last picture…

SamG62 says:

These headboards are gorgeous works of art!

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