A little mid week stalking

Posted on Wed, 9 Dec 2009 by midcenturyjo

Can’t keep me away from stalking. I love looking inside people’s homes and real estate websites are my second home. I’m loving the casual vintage vibe of this South Yarra, Melbourne home. The hallway with the “bad” landscape art and deco mirror, the pairs of shoe lasts marching done the wall on the stair landing, the lovely little courtyard. I could move in, unpack just a few boxes of my possessions and call it home. Here while the link lasts.

stella k. greece says:

lovely place! Thanks for the all the intresting things that you have found for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m living in the Middle East at the moment but I own a home in Melbourne. Seeing these photos of the South Yarra home makes me miss Australia so much. Thanks for positing the pics – they are great, if only making me more homesick!

hollie says:

I love everything about that home! The bones, the decor, all lovely!

Nikki says:

I love the fridge framed into the wall. It makes the kitchen look so much more finished. That’s hard to do with a normal fridge!

jaeve + things says:



These are great, alot of UNIQUE aspects in each room…. :)))))

Jen Ramos

KiM says:

Loving the shots of the yard. Reminds me of the weather we are NOT having here right now.

So sad that out of all the fine elements in this home, I was most struck by the fridge nestled into the wall. But, my oh my, as Nikki said this opens up the space. Something to think about for our home.

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