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A reader named Pedro emailed us recently with a link to his favourite interior design duo. Oitoemponto is a firm based in Portugal created by Artur Miranda (who formerly had a career in the fashion world) and a couple years later was joined by Parisian Jacques Bec. Their work is bold and full of striking elements. These guys are gutsy, and can deck out a room in hollywood regency or mid-century modern styles fabulously. Thanks Pedro!!


oregonbird says:

Cinematic: I get a very post-noir vibe from a lot of these interiors. I love the sweep of color that seems characteristic, which sets the work squarely mid-century, as does the furniture arrangement. It’s the occasional modern touches that seem off-base — the flowers stuffed into a too-large vase in the vintage goldenrod office, for instance.

I just had a thought about what I want to try to achieve when I work on my own interiors from this post. It is so important to think of a multitude of ways that you and a guest can find the space renewed each day (without changing a thing). These pictures show how many sight lines, textures, shapes, etc. have been included to make this space seem fresh every day.

Epiphany pour moi!

How inspiring! I need to take a cue and learn to be a bit more bold in my decorating choices…I am so nervous!

midcenturyjo says:

I really like the confidence and individuality of these rooms. Strong and fun!

Jane says:

How individual and dramatic each room is – amazing – and, apart from the red bathroom, not overpowering at all! I really love the pink feathered screen in the living room and bright yellow feature chairs used in a kitchen and an office. Thanks for the colourful inspiration.

Paddy says:

Does anyone know what the Casala styled chairs are in the last photo on the left?

Paddy says:

Soory, wrong post. It should be the one above 🙂

Laurie says:

Love the blue and white – gorgeous!

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