Magnus Selander

Posted on Mon, 14 Dec 2009 by KiM

I think Magnus Selander‘s decision to change careers from music to photography was a brilliant choice. His photos are stunning and have so much to say with lots of emotion. The spaces aren’t too shabby either with wonderful styling.



Ottawa alternagrrrl says:

Thanks for the recipe. I am totally making these cookies. I am always looking for something different and these sound beyond yummy! Maybe I`ll get extra lucky and my kids won`t like them……

alina says:

all these rooms are inspirational – thanks for the post ; )

What great shots! I love the collections of frames and letters. Thanks for sharing!

Shannon says:

I love beautiful environments, they make me happy. Thanks for the inspiration.

Ava says:

Hey I Think these are really good!!!!! 😀 I want a boat like the one in the last pic!! Whoever did these is really talented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kris Fresonke says:

Middle class life is very photogenic.

A nice collection of photos – I especially enjoy the greenish fireplace. All in all, this picture set feels -very- swedish. I definately wouldn’t call it middle class though…

About the last picture, it depicts a sauna built on a raft, or "bastuflotte" in swedish. An awesome invention that is not at all uncommon here in Sweden.

Barbara says:

I like this kind of decorating. Nothing extravagant. Looks homey.

Sakai says:

His pics are stunning…as are the rooms. I just want to jump into every pic and live in each space!

JHG says:

Very nice collection of furnitures and home ambiance, very warm and comfortable!

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