Tale of two cities

Posted on Mon, 14 Dec 2009 by midcenturyjo

Once upon a time two wealthy “princesses” in two different cities decided to see what they could buy with millions of dollars. Let’s say in Sydney and Melbourne in Australia. They were a little disappointed because the property bubble never burst in Australia. House prices are still stratospheric but a princess must make do with just a fine house instead of a castle if she must. Here’s what our princesses found. The Sydney princess likes Woollahra (our first house) while her Melbourne rival likes the slightly more laid back (if you could even call it that) Prahran cottage. If you were a princess with a few mill to splash out which one would you choose?

The Prahran princess….

Jenny says:

Woolahra, for sure! And I may just run out and buy some yellow planters for my patio, to get a little slice of it here in Houston, TX…..

Homelover says:

Such a tough choice! The first for living during the week and the romantic, rambling cottage for the weekend ; P

Tending towards the second home. I love its gardens and huge windows. On the other hand, I like the furniture better in the first home, though I find the arrangements (and styling) impersonal.

jen ramos says:

Haha I always get a kick out of these postings….CUTIE!

Jane says:

While it pains me, a Sydney girl to my bootstraps, to give the nod to Melbourne, I prefer the Prahran house head and shoulders above the Woollahra one, which is indeed impersonal, overly formal and rather cold in my eyes. I prefer everything about Prahran including the in/out connection – I want there to be a transition space between the in and out.

oregonbird says:

Is it even a contest? Prahran, without a doubt! It’s all nooky! It has a walkway AND a veranda. Besides… checkerboard tiles. Hands down.

Catherine says:

Prahan has my heart. But maybe not those green and blue painted walls. Everything else about it is perfect.

Barchbo says:

I totally love the Woollahra house – it’s open and feels more "clean" than the second home, which seems to have smaller rooms and feels more fussy. And the pool is a star!

That said – both gorgeous!

It’s the parahram princess for me. What a dream!

Vesta Monroe
Domestic Goddess Guide

Kera says:

You had me at the first photo, amazing architecture & grounds!

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