Trevor Dixon – Episode 2.5

Posted on Tue, 15 Dec 2009 by midcenturyjo

It all started with this photo way back at the beginning of the year. I’d found the work of photographer Trevor Dixon. A more complete post followed but I’m never satisfied. I lurk around my favourite photographers’ websites. I virtually stalk their work. I can’t get enough of great shots of inspiring interiors and Trevor takes great shots! Even better Trevor has new work and I’m a very, very happy stalker. Enjoy!

Amanda says:

I love this post and all the colors and combinations of things, totally my style! When I have a house it will be sort of like this!

So gorgeous…

michael says:

… and he is about the nicest, most hard-working, creative non-diva photographer you could hope to work with …

JHG says:

Really nice, creative and bright! I do like it a lot. By the way, nice photos as well!

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