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Posted on Mon, 4 Jan 2010 by midcenturyjo

Welcome to the first new post of the new year and I couldn’t think of a stronger way to start than with the portfolio of photographer Bobo Olsson. Fabulous rooms captured with such skill. Great eye, great light, interesting angles and composition. Once again a Swedish photographer and a Swedish rep site but Bobo’s images are mature, brooding. It’s like Scandinavian style on steroids. Big, beefy and rich. Yum!

Happy New Decade. May all your hopes, wishes and dreams come true.
Much Love
Di (Designers Block)

Denise says:

The darker. broodier spaces were divine and would love to see more of those houses. The lighter quasi-Domino light and bright I am totally over and in fact, makes his work more ordinary. Which, I suspect, it is not.

love the photographs. but most impressed with some of the interior choices, chairs, colors, etc. the green kitchen is
a gorgeous piece of eye candy.

Man, gotta love them Swedes! I love all the lighting fixtures (I’m on a lighting kick right now for some reason) and am dyyyying over that kitchen. My grandparents kitchen was avocado green and glorious.

Happy new year! I love wire mesh chairs. Go Bertoia chairs! 🙂

Ottawa alternagrrrl says:

Oregonbird – you make an intriguing case. I ‘m afraid that these rooms did not really tickle my aesthetic fancy – I found the retro references to be a little too literal, especially in the first few snaps. I thought that the rooms seemed to be a bit static, and that the rooms felt not so much like contemporary interpretations of the 1970s as "decor elegies." However, after I read your comments I took another look and I must say that you opened up my mind! I did like some of the rooms after I picked up on the quirky references you pointed out. Although I still feel in some of the shots that the quirky is kind of contrived (I mean the teddy bear was one thing but a…a…a…. clown doll???!!!??? That’s just creepy. Shudder.) Sorry Jo – I usually love, love , love the stuff you both post but I’m afraid that I am just not feeling this one.

KiM says:

Who cares what’s going on in these spaces (although I luuuuv most of them) – Bobo’s talent is unmistakable. He captures these quirky/oddball spaces PERFECTLY.

Ottawa alternagrrrl says:

Oh dear, Kim. I may have been looking at the trees instead of the forest. I really want to say that I found Bobo’s photos per se to be pretty compelling and that while I didn’t love all of the spaces, I do quite like some of them. I thought he imbued his images (as far as I can tell, being no expert), with mood, personality and emotion. Maybe that is why my response to them was so visceral…. would I have had as strong a response to images created by less challenging subjects presented in a more straightforward manner? Both the photos and the subjects provoked a reaction from me. They are not the bland, over-designed, personality-free kind of spaces that pop up from time to time in so many blogs and magazines (and so happily not here) which are really hard to have a strong feeling about or response to.
I guess I can sum up my viewpoint best in reference to how I feel about my own house. While I suspect that some people (maybe a whole lot of people) won’t like it, what I’m really hoping is that it won’t be ho-hum and boring.

PS I guess I’m the only one who has a thing about clown dolls….

Ottawa alternagrrrl says:

Oh and by the way, happy new year to you both ! As you know, I love this blog!

KiM says:

Happy new year to you too Ottawa alternagrrrl! (and Di and 31everything)

I too think clowns are creepy. And if you’d ever like to share pics of your home with us…. 🙂

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