Emily’s bedroom dilemma

Posted on Tue, 5 Jan 2010 by KiM

I mentionned in my post on Christmas Eve that Emily was looking for some help with her bedroom but that things were too nuts at the time for me to go through my vast photo stash. Well, things are slightly less nuts now so I thought I’d finally help her out. Here’s what she wrote us: “Here’s my dilemma…my bedroom is set up where the best place for the bed is in front of a window. The window is about the exact width of the bed. I would really like to have a headboard on my bed and drapes on the window, but I’m having trouble figuring out the best way to do that. I need ideas!! Could you possibly post a group of shots showcasing beds with headboards in front of windows?” I found quite a few images that should help provide a bit of inspiration. Personally I think headboards are overrated, especially in the case when the bed sits in front of a window which acts as a headboard. I think hanging flowy drapes and hooking them on each side frames a bed-in-a-window quite nicely and omits the need for a headboard. But that’s just me. Or do nothing but stick your bed in place. As you’ll see below, that works too.

Bolig Magasinet design*sponge
House of Pictures Kishani Perera
Michael Graydon Michael Partenio
Erin Martin Eric Roth
Mark Williams Margaret Mulligan
Jodi Macklin Domino

Lucas Allen

Angie Hranowsky

Tracey Butler


Daniel M Pafford


Light Locations

Sköna hem

Bookwalter Photography


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Linsi says:

Imagine waking up every morning as the sun comes up (which you would have to do if sleeping under the window). How refreshing! I love the idea, thanks for some seriously inspiring and inviting photos.

Ruth says:

What an awesome stash of photos. THANK YOU!

oregonbird says:

Curtains never did it for me. There was the crawling up onto the pillows to open or close them, and the dust factor bothered me. The Coop drama — oh, that is nice! A bold dark print and a seriously contrasting shade gives you light control AND a wonderful focal point. There’s something to be said for going asymmetrical — even highlighting the move with a narrow highboy — or some other unforgiving bit of furniture — that takes over some of the window space. For that, you would sweep the curtains to the other side, and let them dangle behind the headboard. An anchoring art piece on the bed-side wall would help balance the whole thing.

Otherwise, you have to go pretty, get a 5-foot curly iron bedstead, double up on the gauzy curtains and hang a chandelier. What else could you do!?

oregonbird says:

Ashley: Can you continue the line of the bed with side tables? Make it one straight, dramatic line across the wall?

MB says:

I love Michael Graydon’s photo. I live in a Victorian terrace house in the UK and I never thought about putting my bed in front of the windows. Thanks for sharing this inspiring picture and thank you for all your lovely posts. I really enjoy your blog. MB

Lisa says:

The downside is that windows can be drafty (I live in a cold climate, so for me this is an issue). Also, do you like to sit up in bed to read? If so, leaning back against a window isn’t very comfy. A headboard would really help, even if it does block a bit of light.

Awesome stash of photos 🙂 Good luck Emily!

gorgeous! we can enjoy many peaceful sleeps here!

Cassandra says:

These pictures are great but all the windows are in the middle of the wall so that the bed can also be centered in the middle of the wall. My problem is our bedroom has two closet doors and a door to the bathroom on one wall, a door to the hall way and a door to the sitting room on another wall, a door the porch and a window and radiator on another wall and the only reasonable place for a bed is the fourth wall and it has a window but it's not centered on the wall – it is on the right side and you can't put the bed in the corner as there is a radiator (huge) on the other wall. Any help at all! We are thinking an iron bed centered on the wall and part of it will have to be in front of the window. Or a very low platform bed that will cover the window a little.

Jenny T says:

What I think of as a solution is purchase a blind since the window is of the same size as Emily's bed. Well, it surely is not a big deal for me if I have my bed placed in front of the window. Not unless I work in the evening and need to get some sleep at daytime, the light will affect my quality of sleep.

Jenny T

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