Kristen Buckingham

Posted on Wed, 6 Jan 2010 by KiM

Kristen Buckingham LLC brings a distinctly modern and fresh take to designing interiors, putting tasteful personality back into the home and imparting a more comfortable sense of scale to even the largest of spaces. While each space looks effortlessly chic, each room has been carefully composed, fusing modern and traditional elements—creating a timeless and harmonious balance.” Kristen’s portfolio is filled with nothing but elegant yet livable spaces and if you’re as intrigued by bold patterned textiles as I am then you’ll appreciate the photos below.


Slumber Designs says:

Your site is AMAZING!! I love the colors, I love the textures, love the lighting. You really have such a great eye!!


midcenturyjo says:

There was a bit of a stir in blogland when her house appeared in Elle Decor so I’m so glad to see more of her work. The room with the table and balls, blue and white chinese vases with branches and Tom Dixon pendant is yummy. Me – I’d add more Tom Dixon pendants which is something to say because you could never accuse Kristen of not having enough in each room. She does have maximalist tendencies. Beautiful pieces everywhere.

RLG says:

I LOVE Kristen Buckingham! Thanks for the awesome post. Here’s to originality! Cheers. xoxo

J says:

Who is the artist of the painting on the wall?

oregonbird says:

Wow does she know walls. I mean, the incidentals and furniture wouldn’t embarrass you if Queen Elizabeth came to visit, but what this designer can do with a wall and a few… dozen pictures (or plates) is unbelieveable. I’m practically speechless.

Greet says:

Beautiful pictures you showed here! I adore the kitchen cabinet of the last pic!

Tina says:

Love! Love! Does anyone know where to find the rug under the two coffee tables? (cream and black)

KiM says:

Tina it looks like a Moroccan beni ouarain rug. I’ve done a few google searches for them and I’ve come to the comclusion that they are WAY out of my price range.

Laurie says:

these images seriously cause me pain, good visual pain . . . . the pain of longing!!!!! How dreamy one and all!

rdekko says:

OK. i found a reason to kill myself. Yeap! The cement tiles in this lovely kitchen and the bed spread in the 8th photo. Ah!

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