Darryl Wilson

Posted on Thu, 7 Jan 2010 by midcenturyjo

It’s Hollywood Hip. Not particularly Hollywood Regency, although there are elements here. It’s sleek and happening, all cool with endless views from the Hollywood Hills. Think groovy. Think stylin’ baby. Drinks by the pool and beautiful people on the rise. Interior designer Darryl Wilson’s work isn’t a cliche. It’s just the Hollywood dream.

oregonbird says:

Man I love mutated Ratpack. This is where the best parties happen. You can hear the organdy rustling against the panelled walls! Conversation pits, the prescribed exotic statuary and those tall, really orange, really ugly flowers. Perfect. This is where your best friend lived back in the 70’s… except for the bathrooms. What’s with the bathrooms? They got updated? WHY? Next you’ll tell me that the only possible place for the flatscreen is up by the ceiling!

Okay, I’ve stared until my eyes crossed. Firepit on the lavendar terrace? What is the configuration there?

The 1st staircase pic is my FAV 🙂 Everything else isn’t quite my style, but it’s still nice.

Gorgeous rooms. Love the blue and black living room.

new yorker stuck in la says:

Typical unsophisticated hollywood crap.

Desire to Inspire says:

LOL! It doesn’t take much to figure out why you chose your name "new yorker stuck on LA". Hopefully you’ll find your way home soon.

Michelle says:

wow gorgeous !!

understated class…great post thanks for sharing…i’m looking forward to checking out the website featured in more details…

lojo says:

thanks for posting this- that second pic has been a fav of mine for a while and I had no idea whose work it was!

oregonbird says:

just thought I’d mention — after the fact — ‘The Silencers’. Right in the same genre, and in moving color!

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