Dexter Hodges

Posted on Fri, 8 Jan 2010 by midcenturyjo

Dear Dexter (I hope I may call you Dexter),

It’s really not fair. Not only are you a great photographer, you get to hang out in the coolest houses. I know it’s work but look at that view! I mean Dexter your job has perks. I’m trying hard to find fault but it’s impossible. Your work is stunning. The light in your photos is so bright, so white but it only makes the shadows so much more inviting. It’s no surprise you’re based in Spain. No it’s really not fair. I want to be you.

(Portfolio of American born but Barcelona based photographer Dexter Hodges.)

Heather says:

Fabulous! definitely a great photographer at work! Thanks Jo

Carole says:

I can almost feel the heat!! I so want to be on that roof terrace. Great post.

Mary says:

I start each day by looking at your new posts. Wonderful blog – thank you for it! Cheers! Mary @ Marn Arts Photography

karen says:

love the image of the two dogs!

Amazing. What I wouldn’t do to be on that rooftop terrace right now…

ModFruGal says:

swoon…I’ve always dreamed of a roman tub…and that one fits the bill….sigh…..

AppleTree says:

oh my. too good.

these photos are spectacular! made me feel as if i took a wee bit of a holiday! thank you…your blog is always full of goodies!!

so gorgeous… as usual.

i especially love the image with the two dogs. that hand-lettering in the painting is awesome… i want it!

vastu says:

**SIGH** When can we go? These shots are amazing and the interiors are stunning! The space is so warm, yet minimal. Love it!

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