Matthew Millman

Posted on Thu, 14 Jan 2010 by midcenturyjo

I startled my husband when I let out a very unladylike “holy sh*t” when Matthew Millman’s website finished loading. Matthew specialises in architectural and interior photography in the west of the USA. His work reminds me of the vast vistas, the open spaces that come to mind with the words “the west”. These could almost be fine art photos rather than magazine shots but who says that fine art can’t appear in mass media? Shot after stunning shot awaits you in his portfolio.The buildings may be spectacular by Matthew Millman and his camera take them to another level.



P.S. As your thoughts/prayers go out to the people of Haiti perhaps Matthew’s Haiti portfolio will stand as a poignant reminder of a beautiful people.

oregonbird says:

Please remember that it was not a deal with the devil that has kept the Haitian people in poverty and despair. It was paying off national debts incurred by purchasing their freedom, and then paying off 30 years of debt incurred by a despot — that other countries, including the US, refused to forgive. Haiti was destroyed by bankers, and the knowing collusion of governments.

There is now a global movement — a chance — that third world nations will be forgiven their debts, and banks denied their practice of draining working capitol from poor citizens. Contact your government representation to support this movement.

And — the photographer works in some subtle form of 3-D. It’s like being there. And there is a good place to be.

lojo says:

years ago I went to Haiti. It is a sad, beautiful, poor place with wonderful people. They didn’t have anything to start with, and they almost certainly have nothing now. We as their neighbors and fellow human beings must step up and help them-not only find their missing, hurt or dead- but to recover from this devestating natural disaster.

These pictures are beautiful. It makes me want to go back west again. Thanks for the link!

Beautiful photos. I love the third room.

Greet says:

These pictures are indeed gorgeous! What a talented photographer!
Thank you for sharing that!


Louise says:

Yours is the only blog I’ve seen any mention of the plight of the Haitian people – I’m glad you paused to reflect on Haiti. Sometimes in our blind ambition we are unable to see reality as it is and only concern ourselves with our little imagined worlds. The world would be a better place if its inhabitants were far less materialistic. I love art, design so enjoy decorating blogs but some are far too unconscious of the real world, focused only on obtaining more stuff. Most enjoy seeing people usewhat they have or elements from nature, green decorating, over coveting the high-end.

Sakai Blue says:

Thank you for sharing. The photos, including the ones in Haiti, have a serene quality. Beautiful work.

Sarthak says:

They are such beautigul spaces, plain and subtle !

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