Lucy Berridge

Posted on Fri, 15 Jan 2010 by KiM

Happy Friday everyone! I am off work today (YAHOO) and trying to get up the strength to start some of the projects that have been on my “to-do-as-soon-as-the-holidays-are-over” list. Or I might ditch all that and since it’s a balmy day (just above freezing) I may ditch my list and go for a walk down to some of my favourite shops. While I am contemplating life (and on a serious note, thinking about the horror in Haiti and people like this who are making a difference), I thought I’d leave you all with some lovely photos from the portfolio of art director and lifestyle stylist Lucy Berridge. There’s a couple ideas here that piqued my interest – the fridge built into the wall off in a corner, the thin red trim around the door frame, the lattice on a closet/armoire…


Loving all the beautiful texture here (especially in the first two shots)!

Also, I work in the news and media biz and you can’t believe how overwhelmed I’ve felt by all the sadness and horror in Haiti. I keep looking for the light through the fog. Thanks for taking time to recognize people out there who do everything they can to make a difference in this tiny world of ours!

Ameena says:

Beautiful photos…I am in love with that black bed pillow. Just stunning.

carmen says:

oh those bikes under the stairs … such a French air in that picture!
Its like Paris was waiting outside….

Nikki says:

You work for Yahoo? 😉 I love days off. And I love that lacy detailing above the door in the photo with the antlers. Everytime I show my Husband home details like that he says "do you know how expensive that would be?"

Wow, so many great ideas here. I love the bikes tucked under the staircase and those black and brass(?) pendant lamps hanging low, oh la la!

Loulou says:

Is’nt funny how we say balmy weather when we are about zero celsius… I was outside most of the day thinking I would love that our Canadian winter was always this "warm" (I live north of Montreal – the ski region). By the way, your blog is the first thing I open in the morning and the last when I close my internet. Louise

oregonbird says:

Nikki — junk stores and architectural salvage yards supply the expensive details for pennies. You just have to dig through the rubbish and see the possibilities through the rust. When I’ve collected just a few more ancient iron gates, the dull banisters will be history.

I loved quilted wall panels — I think I fell in love with the idea when Laurence (?? probably) on Trading Spaces annoyed someone with them. The stripey bathroom is absolute rubbish. For several different reasons, all practical. Add fast-food ambiance and flush.

The mattress-sized lounge. I’ve seen such things on this site and others several times — but what is that piece of furniture called? It isn’t a bed frame. What would you google it under?

KiM says:

oregonbird – Not really sure. Daybed? Platform something-or-other?

Louise – I am ALWAYS wishing that. And thanks for being a daily reader!

Jan says:

Awesome links – thanks !

midcenturyjo says:

Oregonbird do you mean the one with the white drapes/nets? 5th down? Try opium bed. Not quite a match but close. There are several types but what we known here in australia has a more rounded curve to the leg. You could try chinese wedding bed but you’ll throw up a lot of search results that have backs and arms and wooden canopies. Not cheap even as a reproduction but gorgeous in real life. Antiques are even pricier.

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