Nacho Polo

Posted on Mon, 18 Jan 2010 by midcenturyjo

Black and white, yin and yang, stark simplicity and stylish furnishings, Florida interior designer meets Madrid home. Nacho Polo takes a limited colour palette and creates high drama. White floors don’t have to mean Boho or Scandinavian. Here they are the base of a cool sophisticated space. (Last three images are magazine tear sheets from Nacho Polo’s press section. Just a glimpse of a glamorous kitchen and I just had to include the b&w striped powder room. Room lust!)



caroline says:

LOVE the painted white floorboards and generally the b&w esthetic with a splash of colour. Thanks for sharing!

Eric says:

WOW! these rooms are simply stunning! I love how even the pure white paint actually accentuate the gorgeous details like the molding. Even the grains on the wood floor subtly pops out! Thank you for sharing!

The room is beautiful and balanced, but my eye immediately goes to the curvy mirror accents around the door frame. I love that idea! It’s like a ribbon in the wind.

Love black and white, it gives so much chic and drama to a room

samia says:

Drama is such a small world as compared to this!!! This is Sheer Contrast creating Mega drama.. Awesome

I especially love the use of crystal with the black and white theme as well as the strong contrast between traditional and uber modern elements.

hayley says:

This decor style seems has every necessary element* of 2005-2010 design- this will be one of those interiors that looks extremely dated in 10 years.
*white floors, b&w baroque wallpaper, mid-century chairs, ornate gold frames, different frames painted the same colour to match, b&w striped bathroom, oversized drum lamps, crystal chandeliers, minimalist modern baroque, etc. If the bookcase was colour organized it would be perfect.

I don’t hate the look- it is just too trendy for me.


Sebastian says:

BIG fan of the white! I particularly like the look of the stark white backgrounds with the classics and baroque style mixed in. Good ideas for our upcoming NYC showroom.

honeymah says:

it does not look like a home. more like a ‘show off’ crib’

Amanda says:

WOW! I have never commented (despite being an avid reader) but these photos are so gorgeous. Now I know who my dream designer is… I am kind of obsessed with these rooms! I don't like the bedroom wallpaper but the library area, hallway, and striped room are PERFECT! Thanks for sharing this

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