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Posted on Thu, 21 Jan 2010 by KiM

We’ve gotten several emails lately from readers asking for us to post photos to help inspire on all sorts of subjects and I thought I’d take a stab at one of them today. We received this email from Harpa: “I was wondering if you have any pictures showing an open closet or some clothing rails in a bedroom? I’ll be redoing my bedroom soon (when my littlest one gets his own room) and I want to have a small rail out in the open for some of my nicer clothes, or to organise my work clothes for the week. Some inspirational pictures would be very helpful 🙂” To my surprise I had a hard time finding photos in my stash for this one but I was intrigued to find some because I hope to redo my dressing room in the near future (how long have I been saying that? LOL) and my father is trying to convince me to have everything exposed (except maybe a bin or drawers for unmentionables). I’ve included some photos that feature something other than bars or open closets to give some other ideas for exposing clothing as well (ie. round rack, hooks, cute armoire whose doors could be removed).

Bolig Magasinet Hus & Hem
Beach Studios Bolig Magasinet
Ulrika Ekblom Tori Golub
Adriano Bacchella Hus & Hem
Country Home Derek Swalwell
vtwonen Alexander Gorlin Architects

Selina Lake


AT Casa

Bolig Magasinet


Sköna hem

me melodia

Bolig Magasinet

Jordi Canosa

Marie Claire MaisonMarie Claire Maison

Pam says:

I love all these open closets. It’s always so cool to be able to display the clothes we become so obsessed with. I love your blog, it’s wonderful.

Tara says:

The rack of vintage coats in the entry space is divine!!

oregonbird says:

That is a daunting challenge… and I think most of the choices highlighted prove that. Although the Rhoda Morgenstern solution was a blast from the past.

I hope my suggestion is useful, because it sounds very much as if a practical solution, rather than a picturesque tableau, is needed. Boutiques. There is no better place to see more clothes tastefully displayed in easy-to-access forms. The managers will know where the hardware was found. Who doesn’t walk into a clothing store and wish that ordinary people can have that revolving circle thingy? Well — why shouldn’t we? (Frankly, with so many stores going out of business right now, picking up display racks should be pretty darn easy… or is that just Portland?)

My personal favorite — from life — was the slightly reconfigured five-foot headboard of a fancy brass bed. It was set on hinges that swung out from the closet, where it took the place of the door. There were a few equally wow! brass hooks running down the closet’s trim. Very cool.

Georgia says:

Probably only works if you have lovely clothes…

Harpa says:

Thank you thank you thank you so much! I’ve been looking for inspiration everywhere, and I ask you for help and you find all these great pictures! If your desire is to inspire, your dream must have come true 🙂
Oh, and I think the first one is my favorite, although I do adore the wooden branch one too.

Bianca says:

always love your posts. Loving the open display of clothes ideas.

laura says:

love your blog!

i’m a pro organizer in nyc and wanted to show you the open closet i created with the the boutique inspiration oregonbird was talking about.
click here :O)

Leslie says:

lovely! I really like the idea of having the clothes displayed out of the closet!

kristen says:

anybody know what the black desk chair is in the skona hem picture?

Betty Hudson says:

I like all these open closets , unfortunately I have two cats and I can't expose my clothes.

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