Charleston Homes remodel

Posted on Wed, 27 Jan 2010 by KiM

Nataleigh emailed Jo and I the other day asking our advice on a vintage chair she was thinking of purchasing (which she thankfully did because it was REALLY cute) and also sent us a link to photos (taken by Chris Colegrove) of a home her mother, Wendy Roach, remodeled for someone a few years ago. The name of her company is Charleston Homes, located in Fort Worth, Texas. It is a beautiful house with stunning views. I can’t decide what I prefer more – the deck and huge party dock, the 2 story wall of windows, the front door, the open kitchen shelving, the HUGE bathroom…(And Nataleigh, a 24 year old recent college graduate, has promised to send us photos of her first home that her mom also remodeled.



Carole says:

Those windows are spectacular! The view of the trees and river must be a constant source of inspiration. Oh to live here!

lorelei eurto says:

when can i move in??

Nuit says:

wooowwwza! those windows are to die!

the windows…the windows…wowsers

what a place

i also liked the detailing in the kitchen shelves….look fantastic

Robin says:

Love that view, what a house!

Phin says:

The architecture is amazing.
The interior a desaster.

H says:

wow. i can imagine myself sitting on the chair, watching birds outside on those trees.

not impressed with the bathroom though. i thought it was a laundry room at first glance.

Arielle says:

Man those big windows and high vaulted ceilings are EXACTLY what I wnat in the living room and even master bedroom in my future home.
Although in the master bedroom I’ll probably have partial walls up to about chest height.

jade says:

There’s definitely lots of potential with this space!

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