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Posted on Fri, 29 Jan 2010 by KiM

Happy Friday everyone! Today is one of my Fridays off from the day job so I am going to begin a little house project here that I’ve been wanting to start for months (well, in reality, since I bought this place). I’m not going to say much about it until it’s done – I will say it’s a small in-the-meantime project to deal with some current UGLY that I cannot live with anymore. So while I gulp down a cup of green tea I thought I would share with you all another photographer friend of Robin (yesterday was Ryann Ford) based in Austin, Texas. Introducing the stellar photography of Casey Dunn. (I am in love with the stairs in the first photo and the black tiled bathroom).


wow – desire to inspire – you hit the nail on the head with this post
in particular the staircase is amazing – and also each of those blue rooms just completely speak to me

thanks for sharing

peggy says:

Can’t wait to see what you come up with! And can you stop at my place afteward and paint it gray?

caroline says:

Really great spaces, with such a nice use of colour in many of them.
Thanks for sharing!


The black and white floor and the bold blue walls and the ceiling is such a cool, daring choice. It’s nice to see people are not afraid to express themselves!

oregonbird says:

Yes, *expression* seems to be at the fore. I’m not certain, but I think I recognize the room we see in the background, the one with the puffy blue lounge and b/w floor. If I’m right, there’s a gold & glass coffee table just out of sight — in the shape of a friendly naked woman! Yes — I have it stored as ‘above-garage teen chic’.

What do these people DO for a living? I’m not denigrating, I’m siamese-cat curious!

Liza says:

i love all sofa that you’ve capture in this site,.. and i want to have one of them in my house someday

George Wilcox says:

Casey Dunn does most of our firm's photography (I'm an architect in Austin, TX). He has an amazing way of lighting and capturing architecture. Our firm did the residence at the top left (stairs) and the Hotel St. Cecilia (fourth thru seventh photos). Great website. It would be nice if y'all could add detail/ architect's credit regarding your posts. Thanks!

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