Posted on Tue, 2 Feb 2010 by KiM

David Spence, Graham Harris and Neil Hogan form the London-based firm SHH that dabbles in architecture, interior design and branding. They are multi-disciplinary in every sense – including their style. Whether it be rooms bathed in white (my fav of their portfolio), traditional or funky and a bit out-there, they just seem to have alot of fun and enjoy what they do. (And I crave a massive media room like the one in photo 10).

Wow! They make it look so easy! I can’t pick a favorite, I love them all! Thanks for sharing. I would love to have a media room like that- I should show my husband since I (drunkenly) told him he could have the basement. I need to sway him towards stuff like this so we don’t end up with a dingy, boring basement.

drey says:

i love the girl’s room with the collection of glass shades above the desk! so extra spesh!

I LOVE an all white bedroom…. so romantic and relaxing…

I love the use of large family photos as art! 2010 trend? I hope so!

Vanessa says:

Fabulous rooms – I’m especially in love with the room with the spiral staircase in the library.

Amanda says:

This must be the most belated thank you ever, but thank you so much for including my blog on your list of holiday reads! I was overwhelmed when I discovered it. Now that I have internet access again I can’t wait to check out some of the other inspiring recommendations. Amanda xx

midcenturyjo says:

Beautiful! I think I’ll join you in that media room Kim 🙂

Rei says:

omg this post was truly inspirational!!! I am definitely going to feature many of these photos on my blog (of course, referencing your blog). I looove white based rooms, and am DEFINITELY going to make my future place super white. thank you so much!! (and i read your blog religiously, no joke :))

Deb says:

Let’s get serious – I adore white as much as anyone here BUT I have two dogs – and although they’re little and white, they go outside when it’s raining (or not), they get dirty, they jump up on the couch – well… you know how it is… So, white ends up either being brown or covered in huge throws or blankets that completely defeat the purpose of having white. Sigh…

Manu says:

Wow! I love every single room there… they don’t show a design pattern (which I admire) and are truly creative. The round mirrors make such a soft composition, adding movement to the room. The little details in each picture tell us the concept of each room, fabulous!

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