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Muskelil is Cassandra Karinsky and Valentina Pilia. It’s a meeting of an Australian via the States and an Italian via Paris at a crossroads in Marrakech. Through Muskelil Valentina and Cassandra  share their special objects, interior styling and decor. Purveyors of the most beautiful Moroccan rugs. Their look is fresh but lived in, simple but sophisticated, so Moroccan but at home on a world stage. It’s like they peeked inside my mind and stole my dreams of my perfect home.






Love those red lanterns. It looks inviting and serene at the same time. Thanks for this wonderful inspiration!

Carole says:

These pictures are just breathtaking! I love the smooth but unpainted plaster walls. The minimal furnishings with touches of tactile luxury. Most of all I love that window seat (fourth row down). Couldn’t you just imagine sitting there with an untouched book unable to take your eyes away from the view?

KiM says:

My perfect home too!! I would do just about anything to get my hands on a beni ouarain rug or one of the other styles of moroccan rugs they carry. BEEEOOOOOTIFUL!

Doxa Home says:

Wow, they are new to me. Loving their aesthetic, thanks for sharing!



Kenn says:

Creating modern style without disrupting the vernacular of the space is such a difficult task, so kudos to Muskelil for doing it so perfectly. Truly stunning work!

Madison says:

This was such a pleasure to read. I stumbled upon the page and found myself captivated. Please check out my personal blog sometime, I would love love your feedback, dear.

jenny says:

super cool shot of the courtyard from above!

Jezzie says:

All of the wood makes the rooms very warm. I love it!

Haysi says:

Do someone knows about those 4 black metal triangular armchairs on the terrasse, I ve got one, and woud really appreciate any informations..

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