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Posted on Tue, 9 Feb 2010 by midcenturyjo

Dreams. I dream of rooms like these. I imagine that I’m climbing those stairs. (I wonder what I’ll find up there?) I also dream of being able to take photos like these. To be able to convey the joy of a family’s room, the allure of the aspirational, the beauty and warmth of a space, that elusive dream. Photographer Anna Williams is a spinner of dreams or is she a dream catcher? She’s a fabulous photographer. I know that for sure.

I love the dreamy bathroom at the top. The filtered light is just perfect for a much needed relaxing bath…

oregonbird says:

Beautiful — the sense of ‘just a few yesterdays ago’ is very strong, and the rooms themselves are places you would want to live in with someone in particular — they just give that sense of necessary particularness… I’m certain that’s a word. The photography is especially attractive (to me) when the shadows are caught; I find it difficult to *see* pictures where light blazes through, burning out the details. Photophobia, even in print, I guess!

The dinosaur print wallpaper is wonderful, and it just cried out for some of those turn of the century giant bugs-in-boxes. Probably NOT the feel the homeowner was going for. I’m usually against too much fiddling with the environment, just for a good shot, but mostly the adjustments were attractive and unobtrusive — except! The bookcase. Spines in? Really? That was nothing but entirely distracting. And in the 4th from last pic, the black frame draws your eye away from the lovely candelabra etc.; it doesn’t have a connection to anything else in the set-up. Pretty demanding for something that empty. Hmm.

Oh, but those shadows! Edible. And it might be because I’m going on 20 hours up, but that buff & turquoise bedroom is where I want to be, right now.

I would love to be able to take photos like these. And there is so much material for inspiration in each room and the outside space. They are all just gorgeous! The red on the walls of the sitting room is so close to the red I painted my dining room cove in my little Seattle cottage—few are so brave to use it, but it’s lovely here. I would like to know where the cute sage dinosaur skeleten wallpaper is available.

Lily says:

I love the color of the orange walls! Especially with the pop of purple flowers against it.

Yes, Anna is an all-time favorite for sure! Love the dreamy, moody quality of her photos. I’m always so thrilled to see her work in the magazines I subscribe to—it’s guaranteed to be awesome!

I can’t wait to have my own place again. All those places look so cosy, like you could curl up and read a good book in peace!


Each space is beautifully and uniquely stylized…nicely done.


Tasha says:

I love bedroom with the yellow walls and the dark wood headboard . . . but why in the world are all the books in that library shot turned page out?!

Loooove the green bedroom with the wall mounted lamp! Great inspiration for my summer cottage of the future…

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