Furniture on casters

Posted on Wed, 10 Feb 2010 by KiM

Estelle wrote us recently with a request: “I like furniture on casters a lot. I would appreciate if you can have a post showing how imaginative (DIY) people have added casters to their furniture.” This was a tough request, especially looking for imaginative uses for casters, but regardless, here are a pile of photos I managed to find in my stash.

Living Etc. Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects
Lundberg Design Domino
Sköna hem Sunset/a>
vtwonen Hus & Hem

Apartment Therapy
Apartment Therapy
Fernau + Hartman Architects
jj Locations
Olson Kundig Architects
Point Click Home
Taverne Agency
Buratti + Battiston Architects
Ideal Home
House To Home
Dave Coote

Rebecca says:

Great images! I love furniture on wheels as I can move it about easily by myself.

Sissy says:

My fave post so far!! I just love castors – edgy and stylish, practical and cool, fun and a bit industrial. I like them for the way they look and not really so that I can move things around.

You girls are amazing – some of your sources are so inspirational and the photographers so talented.

Thanks for doing the hard work for us

Sarthak says:

I love the bed byFernau + Hartman !! as well as the picture with the metallic grill above the sofa set !

Etoile says:

Thank you Kim! There are a lot of inspiring photos in this post. Exactly what I was looking for. Wheels are so practical when you want to use your furniture in different ways. They also make me smile… and that’s a good thing.


Vastu says:

Casters can be both chic and functional. Love both shots from Apartment Therapy! (P.S. Thanks for including a shot from Vastu. Love your blog!)

Heike says:

Hello – I have a castor-unrelated question about one of the pictures: In the one by Ekenstam, there’s a black floor lamp behind the armchair, that we’ve been looking for for ages, but have never been able to figure out the name of. Does anyone know and would care to point os in the right direction? Thanks so much 🙂

Janine says:

Hmm, I’m all about the functionality – wheels are great!!

KiM says:

Heike – I believe it’s called a Jieldé lamp.

tracina says:

Happy New Year 2011! I decided to google futniture on wheels. Since I have a broken leg, I need more furtiniture on wheels. Beautiful web site!

camille says:

I would love to see your ideas on couches, even futons,(ugh) on wheels. I'm disabled and moving things around is a drag. …………….sorry, but it is. No, I don't live in earthquake country. It's hurricanes for me and getting things out of the way of rushing waters would be nice. Especially if you are in a hurry. Plus, my living space is limited so it would be very cool to be able to afford a 'move around' living room and bed room. My computer desk is on wheels as am I. Reaching for something just out of reach and knowing if it was on wheels, if only I could pull it to me sure is a bummer. Seeing your site made me smile. Nope, haven't anyone to
add a set of casters to whatever I need so ….thanks for the nice pictures.

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