Luuk Geertsen

Posted on Wed, 10 Feb 2010 by midcenturyjo

Welcome to the portfolio of Dutch photographer Luuk Geertsen. Apart from the obvious European vibe to these rooms, that mix of history and the now, what I really love about these images is the soft soft light. The rooms glow. It’s like a fleeting summer but you can almost feel the first chill nipping at your heels. He captures a quiet moment, the clock ticks, footsteps echo on the wooden floors but it’s still, quiet, peaceful. Bliss!

I love the home office. Such great contrast between the organic looking desks and the white sleek and perfectly designed chair.

Every single image is perfection. I totally agree with your analysis: soft chalky light, perfect balance in the image and in the style of the spaces – great mixture of then and now, cool and warm, and fabulous texture. Great choice! great blog! I wait for your posts! MERCI.

the zhush says:

That kitchen is perfect! Love it so much.

Love the home office, chunky yet small tables are a great statement

Oooo look at that pretty stained glass window.


LOVE the antique doors in the hallway. I’ve always wondered how people install those in their home. Do they find them and then make the door frame match or the other way around?

Beautiful. Certainly speaks to my obsession with busts. Absolutely love 2, 3, 5, 6.

Love anything with wheels, especially smitten with some of the islands in the photos posted!

I love this look and idea. I am actually putting wheels on my island in my art studio to be able to move it around!

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