A rare stalking

Posted on Wed, 17 Feb 2010 by midcenturyjo

A Georgian house. A teeny tiny Georgian house. Just those first two windows wide. They call it a “pied a terre” on the real estate website. Two bedrooms, two floors, elegant french style interiors, high ceilings, painted timber floors, two fireplaces, slate roof and sandstock exterior walls. Why am I so excited? I love Georgian buildings, something about their spare, elegant lines but they are so rare in Australia. After all the British colonised this country only in 1788 and Sydney was a rough and ready town well into the first quarter of the 19th century. These little gems are so rare. A truly beautiful little house in a superb suburb. Mind you it may not have been such elegant living in the early 1800s. Maybe my love of Georgian is from a romanticised and sanitised 21st century perspective. Still it’s so cute I just want to pinch it’s little house cheeks!

the zhush says:

All that’s missing is my toothbrush.

AppleTree says:

Darling. Love that rug in the living room.

Elizabeth says:

I can certainly see why you love it. The outside has character, the inside is soothingly neutral. Sigh.

This house is perfection. Proving that quality, not quantity is truly whassup! They totally got it right in the clean, fresh unfussy color palette and furniture. LOVE it! Great find!

Yup, definitely want to put this place in my pocket for safe keeping! I live in a place where huge = tasteful, and most days, it kind of makes me want to to run away screaming. There’s SO much to be said for small and stylish. And for white decor…totally obsessed with yesterday’s post!! Sigh.

Very cool! Love the lighting in the kitchen!!

Kelly-Ann says:

Very swish! And its about the same size as my house in England…though my house is newer as its Victorian! =)

Jannice says:

I have to say! I really love your blog! Thank you for all inspiration!
Have a nice day!

A.Dorable! Love small spaces!

This little Georgian home is dreamy! I love it!

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