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Posted on Thu, 18 Feb 2010 by KiM

I figured it was about time for another reader request. This one comes from Marisa: “We bought a 1950’s house a few years ago and are (finally) ready to start planning our kitchen renovation. It’s terrible! Three layers of stick-on tiles, fake wood countertops, “custom” lighting. However, most inspiration kitchens are open plan, while ours is galley – and no potential to be otherwise because every wall in this house is cement block. Weird! Would you be willing to find some galley kitchen inspiration photos?” Simple enough request. Here ya go Marisa! (OMG aren’t cement walls a b*tch?!)

Hus & Hem Sköna hem
Jessica Lagrange Jordi Canosa
New Old House Belmont Freeman Architects
Thom Filicia design*sponge

Apartment Therapy
Hus & Hem
The Modern House
Forma Design
David Baker + Partners

Apartment Therapy

Bolig Magasinet
Living etc.
Marie Claire Maison
House & Garden

manny says:

Great post…great kitchens
I also believe that when it comes to selling your property, the kitchen is probably the most important room of all. Modern families spend much of their time in this area: cooking, eating, working and playing. Whether you update the existing space or undertake more major work – knocking down walls to create an open-plan space, for example – transforming your kitchen will pay off

LOVE these! I am in the process of writing a post in praise of the galley kitchen and I came across these amazing images!

Workwear says:

Another interesting idea of gallery kitchen.I don't have that much space to make a it a full fledged kitchen,I am trying to figure out how i should design my gallery kitchen.

Some stunning pictures and great use of smaller spaces.

Thanks for the post.

Jessica says:

Galley style kitchens have so much more to offer than people often think. I absolutely love all of these, I don't even think I could choose a favorite if I tried. The character touches, like the checkered floor and the orange wall, really add something to the space.

Eleanor says:

Love this post! This was exactly what I was looking for…ideas for gallery style kitchens. Would you be able to guess for the gallery kitchen from Folio and House & Garden, what kind of material would they have used for the cabinetry?

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