Stalking in Sweden (again)

Posted on Wed, 24 Feb 2010 by midcenturyjo

I couldn’t stay away. I just had to go stalking through Swedish real estate sites. From Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör  – the look is almost their brand. White floors, cute accessories, the pop/splash/flash/dash and dollop of colour, a classic scandi piece or two and the obligatory pair of discarded fashionable shoes and dress on the hanger. The story that the styling tells lures you in. You want the lifestyle as much as the apartment. If you could you’d buy this home, live this life. Mission accomplished.



Lia says:

screw the house, i want that delicious looking breakfast!

jk. i'll take the house too.

Jess says:

lovely and amazing. great inspiration for life.

IKEA says:

Appears minimalist but really has a lot of stylish creature comforts. Love it!

Espen says:

so in love with this practical space!

Elisa says:

This entire home is just perfect!

kristin says:

And yet another Swedish apartment that I am smitten with. They've seemed to figure out the wonderful balance between a well appointed space that still looks lived in and cozy. Every time I see photos such as these, I'm reminded how much I want topiaries for my kitchen windows.

Danielle says:

Gorgeous…I would love to have a home out in the middle of nowhere with tons of windows and everything painted white. Need to keep these images on file! Thanks for sharing!

Sydney says:

Love, Love this apartment. The white is so crisp. I love the kitchen chairs and the frames on the wall by the leather chair!!! I also really like the little ivy plant.

carita says:

Swedish design is so elegant and simple! Love this look.

Ana Gonzalez says:

The DANISH style is even more apealing and stylish than the Swedish, minimalistic, clean, white and lovely Danish design all the way (Poul Kjærholm furniture, Arne Jacobsen furniture, Hans Wegner furniture, PH lamps etc.)

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