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Posted on Thu, 25 Feb 2010 by KiM

This reader request comes from Lia: “I take possession next week of a little urban cottage in Overbrook. I have pretty much no cash to do much of anything, but have to do some renos (redo hardwood throughout; upgrade electrical; paint, of course). I had a designer give me a hour’s consulation re: colours, but beyond that… I’m on my own. I’d like the place to reflect my artsy bent and be a sanctuary for my daughter and I. Do you have any ideas for a space of about 800 square feet, including an eat-in kitchen (70’s style brown wood-type cabinets, I’ll keep the linoleum for now, 10 by 14 feet), 12 by 14 foot living with with non-functional fireplace (brown brick and slate), the smallest bathroom possible (with pink and black tiles with white toilet and walk-in bath – that will have to be replaced), and a bedroom for myself (12 by 9) and for my three-year-old (10 by 9)? Do you have any images of cottage-sized, girl-pretty places?” What dug around my photo stash and found all sorts of small-ish spaces with a girly touch, which hopefully will inspire Lia to create a gorgeous little home for her and her daughter. A chick pad. 🙂 I found enough photos for 2 posts so here are some living rooms and bathrooms and tomorrow will be kitchens and bedrooms.

Bolig Magasinet design*sponge
Sally Conran Martha Stewart

jj Locations
The Cross Decor & Design
Marie Claire MaisonHouse to Home
House to Home
House to Home
Tara Larkin
Living Etc.

The New York Times Bolig Magasinet
Apartment Therapy Domino

House to Home

AW says:

Similar to the JJ locations photo, a really striking thing to do with your cottage would be to add decorative beams on the ceiling. they could be natural wood, distressed wood, painted white, or stained espresso… there are lots of options. You could do simple long/skinny beams that don’t cross, or something more like the photo.

Here’s an idea of what I like…

Rachel says:

Love all of these girly interiors!

OMG They are all incredible but seriously, those first two, and then the green bathroom? I die. Bliss.

Eileen says:

That bottom bathroom is a very cool room.

How fun! love all in inspirational images.


Sarah says:

Any insight on the rug in the Bolig Magasinet pic? I went to the site and tried to navigate in Danish. I managed to find another image, perhaps from the same shoot, that featured the same rug but in magenta ( but no word on where it is from. ILVA maybe? (Which I’ve never heard of until just now? Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Love the post!

oregonbird says:

I loved the sink in the last picture — but what a great group you pulled together! I hope Lia decides to go with rough decorating, Too often trying for a polished look when you haven’t got the cash to pull it together usually ends up looking decidedly underwhelming. And Lia, PLEASE take photos when you’re finished — it’s so sad to never hear back from people about how deco turned out! (hint hint, long, thin, tall double room w/great windows??)

My suggestion(s): Yank off the kitchen cupboard doors, paint the interior bright and the exterior a contrasting pastel… there’s a deep coral/pale turquoise picture floating around somewhere. Depending on your lifestyle, consider NOT using the dining space for trad dining; I spent a couple of years with a round 40’s coffee table as a dining table. Since the fireplace is out of commission (forever, it sounds like?) sledgehammer the sucker (three hours, tops) and make the space work for you. You need storage more than a pointless focus point. 800 sq ft means that hanging lamps are your best friends; its a good place to spend a little extra money. It might also help expand the space by either keeping upholstered furniture close to the floor — or doing without a few end tables. Which leaves the walls clear for artistry. Beadboard is cheap, easy and really attractive in a cottage setting… it doesn’t have to run top to bottom!

Solvi says:

Sarah, the rug in the picture you linked to is from Rice ( )

peggy says:

Kim, I love this post! So many wonderful ideas. I just love the idea of a chick pad. I’ve actually been trying to turn my place into a more OTT girly place (with a little edge) and you and Jo are very inspirational in this regard! I love all of these. I love that hot pink bathroom. Lia, will you please set up either a blog or a flickr set so we can see your progress? 🙂 Good luck and have fun! That’s the most important part.

Jubelogs says:

I love this post! And and I love the living room in Tara Larkin. It’s like my dream house, and the bathroom on Bolig Magasinet soo cool! haha xD

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