Help for a chick’s pad – part 2

Posted on Fri, 26 Feb 2010 by KiM

I’m not a girl (or a particuarly girly man, thanks), but I really LOVE the kitchen by Gary’s Lofts! It’s like a functional museum piece — I’d whip up a something special there in a heartbeat.

I do love the pop of colors in the house!

are the Smeg fridges as good as they look? because they do look so goooood 🙂

Sandy says:

i love the first pink kitchen! i wish i could redo a room or two in my house to be super girly… but i don’t think my husband would like that… i think the only time i’d be able to decorate a room really girly is when we have a girl… which will be awhile haha!

Kat says:

I’d love to know where that clock in the Living, Etc. photo is from (or one like it at an affordable price). And I’m with Sandy, I’d love to decorate a really girly room. I’m hanging onto a vintage pink paisley lovesesat from my grandmother to hopefully one day decorate a room around.

Nikki says:

Loving the pink mail station with chest of drawers. Wishing I had lived without a man a little longer. Maybe my Husband will get used to pink 😉

Garys Lofts is Awesome!

Great inspirations to choose from! I love the great use of wallpaper in the bedroom photo. I love when one wall is wallpapered…so striking. It could also be that I’m loving that coat rack!

all these uplifting colours make me want to get out the paint brushes!

Kelly-Ann says:

oooooh I have been planning and (unfortunately more so) dreaming of a new kitchen for a good few years now….but its a whole new extention including a new family bathroom. Big work! I LOVE all of these kitchens though, they give me so much inspiration.

As for the bedrooms, I last decorated my bedroom seven years ago and it really needs a huge overhaul…..however my husband my not like the girlie look as much as I do! A real shame hey =)

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