John Jacob

Posted on Tue, 2 Mar 2010 by midcenturyjo

Sophisticated and glamorous but with just a touch of the earthy. It’s a look that is grounded and yet well travelled. It’s part grand tour, part drama and tension, part family estate, part luxury hotel,  part Out of Africa and always elegant. South African interior designer John Jacob doesn’t just interpret his client’s needs and he creates a dream home. Sundown drinks on the patio? Maybe after a soak in the tub… glass in hand of course.

Denise says:

Most of these spaces were so over-done, I felt I couldn’t breathe. Less is always more. When will they learn? The pool shot was lovely.

Vanessa says:

Beautiful work – thanks for the introduction!

LulaJean says:

That was a fun vacation, thanks!

ChantaleP says:

Speachless. Wow.

Oh, So many "Loves" in these images!! Beautiful work!

I have to say when I first saw the name John Jacobs it made me think of that children’s song 🙂 I really love the bathroom – the chunky mirror over the pedestal sink is so gorgeous! I’d take a soak in that tub anyday!

MB says:

I have so many pictures of John Jacob’s work in my ‘style files’ and I had no idea that they were all the creation of one man! The man is a genius and I am now officially in love. Thanks for sharing ~ well done!

The top bathroom is incredible!!

Amisha says:

Amazing and intriguing! takes me through imagining how these spaces are being used!

Thanks for the discovery, great Designer and good looks, love your blog

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