Phoebe Howard

Posted on Wed, 3 Mar 2010 by KiM

I was craving some photos of “pretty”, and when I came across the portfolio of designer Phoebe Howard, I immediately thought I scored some pretty. Her style is traditional but with some spaces featuring non-traditional bold colours, and some slightly modern touches to keep things up-to-date. So here’s a dose of pretty for ya.


Susan says:

I wouldnt consider any of those rooms "pretty"

Wendy says:

… love them all!

gah! the greatness must stop! i lust after everything you post! thanks for this great blog with huge, beautiful pictures!

Jacqui says:

Those kitchens are artful.

i love all the photos especially the blue dining room.

Sarthak ( says:

The painting on the wall in picture no. 2 and the carpet as well ! they are really good.

Sarah says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I absolutely adore the last kitchen pictured with the flooring! So different!

the pebbled floors are amazing! i’ve never seen anything like them.

Ottawa alternagrrrl says:

Hi Kim, thanks for the post: in the spring, a young woman’s (ok so not-so-young in my case) fancy does turn to pretty! What is it about all the light that makes one crave pinks and greens and yellows and even blues (I am not into blue usually). Every spring I remember how much the first hints of warmth on the air can influence oh so strongly the way we shoose to shape our surroundings. I want to run home and lighten and brighten and freshen.

By the way, I hope that you are enjoying Mexico!

MB says:

I’m lovin’ the little kitchen with the pebble floors. Just way to cute for words. Thanks for sharing.

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