Douglas Friedman

Posted on Thu, 4 Mar 2010 by midcenturyjo

The last time we featured Douglas Friedman’s work a few comments popped up revealing that not only are his photographs gorgeous but he’s a looker too. (I think the word was hot.) Having googled for photos of Douglas I can now confirm the veracity of the comments but more importantly đŸ˜‰ it’s obvious from these new shots that Mr Friedman is still one super talented snapper. Favourites? The minimalist white rooms that thanks to the wonderful lighting are warm and inviting. The man has a fabulous eye!

OK, I did the "research" myself and confirmed: Yep, he’s a looker, too!

I am in love.
Without even googling for a portrait photo yet, I am in love! đŸ™‚

Ypille says:

The first ten pics are therapeutic and doable anyday! Thanks for those.

A great eye indeed, he needs to come bed shopping with me at the end of this month.

Sue says:

I like light and serenity of this house, beautiful photos.
Greetings from Spain.

Sarthak ( says:

I heart them ! The television set in the wood panelled space looks really smart.

raquel says:

really beatiful photos. I love them

wow. such amazingly beautiful photographs – and spaces! thanks so much for posting his work, he is surely one to watch.

Bradley Garlock says:

May I add that as Mr. Friedman’s husband, I can indeed confirm he is very attractive with an equally beautiful heart and an innate talent for photography of portraits as well as interiors that is truly inspiring to see in action. Daily life with this man is lots of fun! I encourage you to visit his newly launched site it’s a stunner!!

Richard Mosbaugh says:

Refreshing… Best I’ve seen in a long time.RM

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