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Posted on Tue, 9 Mar 2010 by KiM

Buenos dias everyone! I am back from my too-short trip to Mexico, having arrived late last night. I had a blast as I always do in Puerto Vallarta (that was my third or fourth time there). I took lots of photos which I hope to share here and on Flickr and bought as much stuff as I could cram in my suitcase (which I will get photos of ASAP). Luckily I took today off work so I can get groceries, do some laundry, clean the house and hang out with my boyfriend who unfortunately did not accompany me on the trip. I don’t have time to get a regular post ready but I thought I’d show you some photos I took of a shop I found in the cool surf town of Sayulita. 

This town was an hour bus ride from PV, and was worth the trip. We spent the day there and had a great time hanging out on the beach watching the surfers, shopping of course, and eating the best freaking burritos I’ve ever had. I uploaded a photo a couple days ago on Flickr of the floor in this shop (whose name I cannot remember) and it’s been such a hit that I thought I’d put it and some others here. I love painted floors and this floor has to be my new favourite, hands down. Frankly, everything about this shop was hip and funky which is relatively uncommon. (Pardon the quality of some of these photos – it was often easier to sneak them instead of trying to explain why I was taking them).

Amber says:

I love Puerto Vallarta. It takes me about 3 hours to get in vacation mode. Taxi to the condo, stuff in the room, and walk down the beach to La Palapa for seafood and margaritas with my toes in the sand. We always stay in the old city where it feels like Mexico, I love that part. Watching every step as we walk on sidewalks that are sometimes missing big pieces or 3" high off the road. Buses and cars that fly down the street and don’t slow down for pedestrians. The beach in the late afternoon after all the tourists have gone in to get refreshed for the night, and the Mexican families come out bringing dinner in a pail which they flip over for Mama to sit on. The Zocolo in the evening. And the Processions in December singing and walking, with their Indian ancestors protecting their path to the church. Have you eaten the prawn tacos on the corner across from the Supermercado? We go every day. She makes a good flan also. And if you find someone selling chocolate cake baked with flan on top, get two, trust me.I think this is my very first comment to you, but your posts just took me back. Lucky you!!

Ypille says:

bienvenida de regreso!
very nice shop – what vibrancy!

Heather says:

OMG! I took photos of that same floor when I was in Sayulita last month! Small world. Also, I basically lost my sh*t over that gold and red fringe bag in the 4th photo down. It was about 5000 pesos, which I unfortunately did not have but I think of it often, and now I have a photo!

And let me guess – BURRITO REVOLUTION?! THAT PLACE IS AMAZEBALLS! I also had the best burrito of my life there. Sigh, Mexico. I would also recommend spending a few nights in Yelapa on your next trip – magical.

KiM says:

Heather, I looked at the prices of a couple things and then went back to taking photos. 🙂 And YESSSSS it was Burrito Revolution!! Makes sense because I was laughing at the propaganda posters on the wall and the comment on their chalkboard about how they appreciate tips so more AK47s could be purchased. (!!!)

Amber, it is SO dangerous walking around there. My mom broke her elbow on the second day slipping on the road, and there were tons of foreigners with broken bones/smashed faces. I didn’t get a chance to try those prawn tacos or chocolate cake/flan. 🙁 Next time!

Stunning shop! I’d love to be in that store in person 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

Nuit says:

I live here!!! (IN PV) would have loved to meet you!

I am so glad you enjoyed it. and YESSSS I agree, Sayulita is the best!


kate says:

the owners of the shop are also residents of santa barbara. they are the most talented, creative and physically beautiful family you’ll ever have the pleasure of knowing. free spirits for sure!

joanna says:

Om my what a great shop! Love the floor!

ha – sounds like lots of us have visited that store before, myself included. isn’t it amazing!! i remember the girls that own it were featured in vogue a while back….i’ll see if i can find the article. welcome home!

Kristi says:

Oooohhhhh, I have been to Sayulita before too, and think it is such a great little spot! My boyfriend talked me into going one day and I was not disappointed. Thanks for sharing and bringing back memories! Love the pictures.

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