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Posted on Thu, 11 Mar 2010 by KiM

Whenever I see “flea market” on the cover of a book or magazine I instantly become giddy like a school girl. Jo and I are HUGE suckers for flea markets and thrift shops so when our stylist/photographer friend Matthew Mead  emailed us about a new magazine called Flea Market Style he and his thrifting pal Ki Nassauer put together, we were stoked to get our hands on it. It arrived while I was on holidays and what a treat to come home to. I devoured it the first chance I got and I love it. Anyone with a passion for thrifting should run to their nearest bookstore and snag a copy. Anyone with a passion for crafting and turning ordinary flea market junk into beautiful and handy objects for around the house should do the same. The ideas are SO fun and creative – like turning a side table into a dog bed, 8 ways to decorate with your fav dishes and a bunch of uses for vintage funnels (who knew?) and your granny’s old lace. There are some really gorgeous spreads – one of a 1933 country-modern decorated farmhouse, a girly playhouse, a beachy garden shed, a stable given a 1950s retro facelift and more. I snapped a few shots of some of my favourite photos from the mag (90% of which were shot by Matthew himself) to give you all a bit of a sneak peak. Check out the blog set up for the magazine for more info. (Thanks Matthew!)

This looks great! I want one as soon as I can go to a Barnes and Noble.

I’m not a flea market person, but this looks really nice!

LOOOOOOVE this! I will definitely keep my eye out for it!

Christina says:

I bought this magazine two weeks ago and love, love, loved it! For once, a magazine with barely any ads and chocked full of ideas, information and inspiration – as it should be at $10. There were definitely some great projects and shoots as well as good practical information for thrifting. I really look forward to more issues!

Allie says:

A friend and I just attended the Alameda Antique Fair near San Francisco. It only happens once a month, but we both walked away with so much great stuff. As for flea markets, antique fairs, etc I prefer to go later in the day and bargain down a bit.

How much am I subscribing this this mag? VERY

Denise says:

A little too shabby chic marries old junk for me!

Oooo… I SO enjoyed you sharing this! 🙂 Very inspiring 🙂

Eileen @ livingtastefully.com says:

I’ve always been a big fan of Matthew Mead. I have magazine pages of his own home clipped and put aside in a file I keep of "things I like".

Ann Ash says:

Flea markets and thrift shops represent the original "green." Having a handbook that inspires us to use these items in creative ways can help us to spend less and enjoy more!

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