Cure for the blahs

Posted on Fri, 12 Mar 2010 by KiM

I think those of us dealing with the winter blahs could use a bit of colour for a pick-me-up. (I got my fair share in Mexico but I feel for those of you not able to travel south this winter). A shocking dose of pink oughtta help, care of some photos by Wilfried Overwater (via Taverne Agency).

peggy says:

Great post, Kim. You can never get too much pink. I also am loving blue. The little blue bedroom with the pink window panes is darling!

Carole says:

Hi Kim, glad you had a good holiday. I think Mexico has turned your mind. I’ve never seen so much colour on DTI! Bring it on I say!!

Celeste says:

Thanks a million! We all needed that dose of pink.

Adriana says:

These colors are bright and so uplifting. They did a great a job decorating it.

missdzine says:

Wow, talk about allowing me a moment’s respite from cold, wet London! These images must be taken in Mexico?

Michelle says:

om goodness…. turns my blah into aghhhhhhhhhhh !!!! 🙂 thanks for the pick me up !!

Jesse Lu says:

O my goodness… this hit the spot!

Amalia says:

I could never be sad in a house like this

Leanne says:

OMG I have fallen in love with the lamp by the flamingo. Gorgeous rooms. I might have to have a white space to go to though 🙂

Sarah says:

Wow. The pungent fabulous color in these photos makes my head spin. I love love love every shot. So ballsy and beautiful!

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