Flickr finds – laundry rooms

Posted on Sun, 21 Mar 2010 by KiM

m says:

awesome finds…and doing laundry as i type this. heehee 🙂 Thank you for posting!!!

what a great web-space you have here…… inspiring……….thank you for having all these great links…..and ideas!!

Saucy says:

Thanks for featuring my laundry rooms! I am partial to the one in our new home (with the chandelier) but now that I see the shot of our old laundry room, I miss it! This was a great walk down memory lane…

Jasper says:

I came to your blog today through Green Wedding shoes, its fantastic!

Never would have thought to decorate my laundry room! Now I’m going to let my inspiration flow and see if I get more laundry done afterwards .

Greet says:

Some nice ideas here! You see that a laundry room can be very nice to work in, if you organise well and sometimes we have to decorate it with a few things!

Linda says:

Oh for a laundry room. I live in a very small Paris apartment and my tiny washer is behind a cabinet door in my kitchen. I can only get a third of what I used to put in my big American washer and I have no dryer. I have to hang everything to dry on a little rack. American homes are usually huge compared to European homes. My kitchen is smaller than most of the laundry rooms you show.

Ottawa alternagrrrl says:

I love the wine fridge too. Cammy Hamster is my kinda grrrl. While I don’t have space for a wine fridge in my laundry room (although I am blessed insofar as it is on the second floor of my house, with a window) I am inspired to put a special treat in there just for me. It is funny, but in some ways my currently dreary laundry room is another example of moms putting everyone else first. Now though…. A chandelier? Yes! Music? Yes! Pretty things? Yes, yes, yes!

And, even though I won’t have a Cammy special in my space, it doesn’t mean I can’t still enjoy my favourite sipping red while I work! Although, part of me mourns the fact that if I spruce it up it will then be another room I have to keep clean.

Natalie says:

I can't believe people can have soft drinks and pictures on the wall in their laundries!

olivia says:

I can’t wrap my head around why someone would have 3 laundry machines? What is the third one for?

Scott says:

I LOVE this post. Rarely do we get to see well-designed laundry rooms in design magazines. Or pantries, closets or other private areas. Something to consider as content for this GREAT blog.

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