Gotta love retro …

Posted on Mon, 22 Mar 2010 by midcenturyjo

… right? When it’s good it is so good, when it’s bad it brings a smile to my face….  shag pile carpet under the treads anyone? So glad that one is long forgotten (I hope). Enjoy today’s retro scans from one of my all time favourite “vintage” design books Better Homes and Gardens New Decorating Book, Gerald M. Knox Editor, Meredith Corporation, Des Moines, Iowa, 1981. Can’t really call it vintage because I am so much older than it.



They were really in to plants back in the seventies. 🙂 I love the tiled oval bathtub!

fern above bathtub, of course.

that makes sense.

Ah – this is great!
1. Love the fireburst painting above the sofa.
2. Those bow ties on the curtains are making me laugh really hard.
3. I can’t stand those carpet stairs.
4. Love the country kitchen but I would paint it all white. I really like the style of the cabinet doors though.
5. Who can argue with an organized craft room. Love the idea! But is that a wallpapered ceiling?
Great photos – so many fun things to look at!

Love the retro look!!

Ruth says:

The blue-gray country kitchen probably seemed quaint yet sophisticated since it lacks sesame street colors! funny

missdzine says:

Aside from the green bathroom, I would totally live in this house! Love this column!!!

whyioughtta says:

Things I’ll never understand:

-Wallpaper borders
-Wallpaper on ceilings (especially in kitchens…)
-Affixed shag carpeting
-Bathtubs for spider plants
-Decorating with The Bathtub Strangler

marie says:

I gave you the Sunshine Award.. check out my blog for the details!

KiM says:

So SOOOOOO bad. Throwing-up-in-my-mouth kind of bad. (LOL)

Something is suddenly making me want to put a giant goddamn fern in my bathroom. Can’t think what.

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