Richard Goullet

Posted on Tue, 30 Mar 2010 by KiM

May I interest you in a little trip to the south of France this afternoon? Lord knows Jo and I can use a little voyage away from reality (and blog problems, which we think may be fixed now). Here are some simply stunning photos from the portfolio of interior decorator Richard Goullet. The architecture and decor takes you to another era – so authentic and rustic. I am suddenly craving some bread, cheese, grapes and a big glass of red wine.

Oooh those green candlesticks SIGH…I die for the whole candlestick table actually

Sparky says:

Heck yea, I’ll join you matie ladies!

midcenturyjo says:

It’s so earthy and real. Count me in!

Nuit says:

ooh maaan! the banquet tables in the last few images are to die!! I am a sucker for this style, love it all!

Ypille says:

Rustic yet daintly and with all the modern day conveniences, these interiors are ageless.

louis cardini says:

Si votre roimage se rapporte a votre plumage vous etes le Messire de ces bois. Excuse my French…

louis cardini says:

Sans mentir, si votre ramage
Se rapporte à votre plumage,
Vous êtes le Phénix des hôtes de ces bois.
Comme mon Francais est loin, je corrige.
Merveilleux travaille

There is something poetic about french decor.

Simply Beautiful…and these rooms are both. I felt transported to another time and place and will fantasize about this space for some time to come. Thanks for sharing, it made my day on this cold and rainy day here.

john paul says:

absolutely stunning! Nothing lie it in the world. takes me back to my trips with family & friends to s france in late 90’s. thank you.

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