Axis Mundi

Posted on Wed, 31 Mar 2010 by midcenturyjo

The design firm of New York based John Beckmann, Axis Mundi creates spaces that are contemporary and clean lined. Modern work that is concise and practical but also unique and chic. Think of it as uncluttering to provide focus. Beckmann plays with scale to provide excitement and provides just enough tension to capture your attention. It’s minimalism but with glamour.

Rebecca says:

How beautiful. I particularly like the wall behind the bed. I wonder if there are more storage compartments… It looks very neat and stylish.

Lucy says:

I like the second one. You can see that the surrounds are not very beautiful but this terrace is 🙂

This is right up my alley!! 🙂 Thanks for posting. So inspirational.

What an awesome mix of styles in this home? I’m obsessed with the master bedroom too, there’s something so alluring about having an all white bed (and I love the side spaces for the books!)

KiM says:

I’m with everyone else on that master bdrm. LOVE IT! Love all this actually. Hot stuff!

Emma says:

Great work. I think I recall seeing that bathroom in Metropolitan Home. If I remember rightly, the client showed them a picture of a bathroom in Italy and they copied it exactly for him. (hope I’m right?!?) Wonder what their name, "axis mundi" means?

Lindsey says:

that chair in the first picture looks like the throne of thorns! i want to be in that room, but no where near that chair!


simply wow!

Filipa says:

What is the name of the frame is in the 9th image? Beside the table… Please contact.

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