Jacinta Preston

Posted on Thu, 1 Apr 2010 by midcenturyjo

These are real homes for real people. Stylish and so practical. The kids run through, the dog jumps on the couch, your friends feel so at home they sometimes stay for lunch and dinner. Jacinta Preston takes the great Aussie dream of a home of your own and adds in the lifestyle. It’s fun and easy maintenance, inside and out, vintage and new, off to the beach and curled up watching TV. Real. And really lovely! If you have the latest Real Living magazine (a must have every month) you’ll see Jacinta’s bedroom on the cover. Butterfly love!

Sarah says:

Love when you post things from Australia! Being an Australian living in the Middle East, it's nice to get a touch of home!

i LOVE that tent room!

seeing this though makes me realize i should add to my pet peeve list: obvious things/commands spelled out in letters on walls
when can we be done with that trend/idea?


michele says:

I loved the pictures!
Has only a detail, these chairs phanton not work well, are uncomfortable.

Vivian says:

Great pictures and design. I love how everything is chic, yet still looks comfortable. I’m looking forward to seeing more ideas!

Tara says:

I’m dying over that butterfly bedspread!! Anyone know who makes it???

midcenturyjo says:

Tara it’s by Missoni. The Joli range.

Wow! Fun, current, friendly, lovely and unique! Makes me want to redo my whole home. Thank you for sharing. My binder with print outs from your posts ladies – is starting to get mighty thick…

ox, Mon

Paddy says:

@ Lisa – The Empire State print was a blown up copy of the ticket you receive when you go up to the viewin platform.

Helen says:

Love this post! Anyone know where to find those black boards listing sydney suburbs? I’ve seen them around and LOVE them but no idea where to get one! Would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction – thanks! helgz @ hotmail . com

Desire to Inspire says:

Helen – google "destination roll" or "bus roll". You can often find some on eBay or replicas on Etsy.

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