Spirit Level

Posted on Thu, 8 Apr 2010 by midcenturyjo

I was following the links to our co-contributors on the Inside Out piece and found beautiful gardens designed by Spirit Level Designs, a Sydney based landscape firm of architects, designers, artists, horticulturists and stone masons. What wonderful lush spaces. I love the use of stone and the layering of textures and shapes. These are gardens you want to wander into, to become part of the landscape, to belong. I wish the images on their website were just a little larger so their lush green beauty would jump out of the screen a bit more. Still I have no trouble imagining myself brushing against the leaves by the path or hearing the soft tinkle of water features. Lovely.

Kerry says:

It’s all beautiful but I especially love the silver birches which are so prevalent here in Canberra

oregonbird says:

This is what heaven looks like.

Oh my goodness. I really want to go there and hang out for the day, roast marshmallows, and tell stories or something! Now I have something to dream about today! 🙂

Diana says:

This is very relaxing area, especially wooden terrace and beautiful narrow walks. I love It!

Andrea says:

I guess that’s the awesome part of staying in a place where the climate is wintery… you get to have an outdoor fire place! That looks so enchanting!!!
I have to find a way to move away from the tropical climate….(another problem is outdoor wood decks!)

Kelsi says:

I love everything about every one of these photographs. The only thing missing is my presence in them!

lindsey says:

those images feel like a vacation. I love the one with the hills and the brick retaining wall and the pond. I'd kill to live there!


Jesse Lu says:

I am in love with that fire-pit-pond combo… I wonder if something like that would be possible in Santa Fe?

oregonbird says:

Jesse: Why *wouldn’t* it work in Santa Fe?!? You could always include a gazebo structure with grape vines or something over the pond — and make it a little deeper for the koi to search out cooler waters. Then up they come at sunset… oh, it would so work in Santa Fe…

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