Neutral perfection

Posted on Fri, 9 Apr 2010 by KiM

When I found the following home on AT Casa my heart just melted. I am craving neutrals these days and this home REALLY does it for me. Beautiful natural fabrics, everything bathed in whites and greys, all giving an air of romanticism and serenity. *SIGH* It’s PERFECT. (Photos by Andrea Martiradonna)

Oh – it is soooooo beautiful! The home makes me feel at peace…and that’s only through the photos…I can’t imagine how it makes one feel in real life. Maybe like they’re floating on air!?

serenity now!

hun says:

I believe the flooring is terrazzo. It is fairly common in European houses, especially between the early 1900-1950’s

Such a cool space! My fav is the use of glass and sheers as a room divider. It’s concealing and revealing at the same time – as if the end of the room were off focus. Perfect with the neutrals.
Have a great weekend!

mb says:

Looks like terrazzo.
Wow. What a space. I am going to look at the photos again and again to make certain I didn’t miss anything.
x mb from texas

Wendy says:

Such a limited colour pallete and yet such unlimited imagination. It really works on so many levels

Wendy from Sydney

rdeco says:

ΟΚ. Ι am 100% percent moving in that place now. I will go and beg the owners to pack their bags and go! Exactly my style, exactly my flooring type. As for the questions above we call it mosaic in Greece, but it is a latin word. It is made by thousands tiny pieces of marble and sea rocks compressed all together with marblepowder, cement and water with a heavy machine. It is avery old fashioned style of flooring, but now cause there a few making it it is agin in fashion and expencive. You can have choise in colours, like multicolored or monochrome. If you see it in total white you’ll be crazy about it. Ancient Greeks and then Italians used to have this kind of flooring. In Italy now is in style again. Usually they take their name from the mine that the stone comes for example Tinos Island, Skyros Island etc. So ask for mosaic flooring.

Such a cool space!

Christina says:

What a creative space to live in! I love it!

Alyssa says:

What is the flooring?

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