Flickr finds – antlers

Posted on Sun, 11 Apr 2010 by KiM

the zhush says:

I’m guessing that you feel the same way about antlers as I do…I just can’t get enough of this look/trend! Thanks!

Will says:

I’ve always liked antlers within interiors and this is a great selection of images showing how cool they can be. My favourite is the last image – that chandelier is brilliant.

Helena says:

Love this selection

Joan says:

Not a big antler fan – knowing where they come from.

KiM says:

I am a fan of deer/moose/elk-shed antlers (they are shed annually) since the animal is not harmed.

Love the antlers. I thrifted mine. Here’s some of mine on Flickr:

Am diving back into your bloggy goodness now, please send snack in about 45 minutes!

Greet says:

They are all beautiful pictures of decorating with antlers! Great find on flickr.

betty says:

ahh, love the antlers! i used to find them pretty regularly, at tag sales and thrift stores…sadly, i sold them all 🙁 wish I’d kept some for myself.

the antler chandelier is BEAUTIFUL.

f says:

EAUTY TODAY No. 12: Google "Nestled in" and find vintage inspiration for living rooms.just now via Brizzly

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