Kim’s temporary bathroom redo

Posted on Tue, 13 Apr 2010 by KiM

I mentionned here on DTI a while ago that I was working on another home project but I didn’t give away too many details. I FINALLY finished and now it’s time to share.

I had grown VERY tired of the ugliness of my main bathroom. One day I hope to gut the space and completely redo every piece of it but in the meantime the ugliness was getting on my last nerve. And I needed a project because I just wasn’t busy enough. (HA). So here are a couple photos of the bathroom before I tackled it – and this is how it had been since I bought the home more than two years ago.

Trust me, it was even worse in person. The linoleum floor was scratched to sh*t, and so dirty and stained it was impossible to clean. The main light fixture, medicine cabinet, towel bar, light switch plate, outlet plate, toilet paper holder were ALL made of nasty wood. SO GROSS. I’m pretty sure the cabinet over the toilet was hung upside down. The faucet was probably the cheapest one you could buy and was missing a piece on the front to cover the screw. The walls were white and BORING. There’s a small window to the left of the toilet that had bright green plastic blinds hanging. There’s a second light fixture on the wall opposite the sink that had a nasty 80s vibe. The whole space was just awful. Until I can gut the room, I decided to do a cheap makeover. Some leftover paint, new inexpensive faucet and lighting, addition of a chair rail, cheap lino peel and stick tiles, some items brought in from other spaces around my house to decorate and VOILA, a temporary fix to keep me from losing my mind.

Just stunning, Kim — I am in awe!!!

Rachel says:

Love it! What product did you use on the floor?

KiM says:

Kim in Ottawa – I love that shower curtain so it’s a keeper. Get your own at Zone Maison or Home Outfitters. 🙂
Hooks = Anthropologie
Flooring = $35 box of peel and stick linoleum tiles from Rona

Kim says:

Well done! I love the wood cabinet on the wall.

What happened to the shower curtain with a tree on it? It has to be the best-looking one I have seen.

ModFruGal says:

That’s the best lipstick job ever. Way to rock it!

Adri says:

WHERE did you get that mirror? I need it. You did an amazing job!

Wew, looks cool…. That’s really great idea for bathroom decorations. How about the cost?

Love the punch of yellow!

eve isk says:

I'll try to comment without being a dribbling idiot. This is freaking gorgeous!

Tj says:

Firstly, you have done a spectacular job. Your sense of design and space is brilliant. Secondly, I need that sink skirt. Where did you buy that from?

KiM says:

Thanks! I made it from fabric that Ikea used to sell.

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