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Posted on Wed, 14 Apr 2010 by KiM

Ann-Marie and Oliver emailed us recently wanting to share their renovated London home with us. It’s a Victorian cottage that they completely gutted and extended (and fortunately they included some before photos). The decor is stunning – all light woods, creamy and white walls, gorgeous white kitchen with butcherblock countertops….there’s SO MUCH to love in this home. Such simple and natural spaces that easily please the eye. Fantastic work Ann-Marie and Oliver – you guys should be really proud of your hard work!








Sally Christina says:

where is your kitchen from…its great!

Mrs Brookes says:

There is a fireplace in the bathroom because it probably used to be a bedroom. Most houses from this era in London weren’t designed with indoor bathrooms, they had outhouses out back.

tasha says:

So I just realized that that "after the jump" feature you put in is affecting my Google reader feed, even though there’s no "click to read more" link in them. Please please make it so that the entire post shows up on the feed! If I have to click on each post you make to see the whole thing I won’t, and it’ll keep me from reading your blog . . .

bego says:

hi,we´re interested in doing an interiors photographic shooting in this amazing can we get in contact with the owners?thanks a lot!

KiM says:

Enric, you can send us an email through our contact form in the blog header and I can provide you with more info.

Ann-Marie says:

Thank you for all of the lovely comments that you have given regarding our home. It was hard work renovating for a year, but has been worth it as we now have a very beautiful and cosy cottage.

To answer a few of your questions:
The ‘work hard and be nice to people’ is indeed by the artist Anthony Burrill
The ‘Everday I love you’ was a wedding present from
The kitchen was from MFI which sadly has gone out of business but it was a basic white gloss one which you can get from a few places.
The worktops were bespoke and were sourced from
It is indeed strange and luxurious to have a fireplace in our bathroom, and I’m sure it was indeed a bedroom at some point. We’re incredibly lucky to have original Victorian fireplaces in every room in the house!

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Jesse Lu says:

Fabulous colors… those neutrals are so smoky and warm.

Peggy says:

Hi, A home full of inspiration for us! Where is the dinning table from? and what colour are the lounge walls? Thanks.

Peggy says:

…Sorry, above post. What colour is the main bedrooms walls. Thanks.

Sary says:

WOW this home is so beatiful!! the kitchen is amazing – love the island!

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