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Don’t let these scans fool you. If you ever come across a copy of Unique Home Improvements run. Run fast. Do not look. The vast majority of this English publication is horrid. Think wall to wall bathroom carpet, tapestry chairs and shag pile, multiple platform levels lying in wait from unsuspecting punters, acres of knotty pine and brick and wallpaper covering everything from pipes to light switches. These are the few images that didn’t terrify me. You have been warned! Unique Home Improvements, edited by Harry Butler, Golden Hands Books, Marshall Cavendish, London and New York, 1975 run


Monika says:

These are great choices, but I can image the rest… The first pic looks amazing! I want to curl on that bad!!! Looks so cozy

Jan says:

To be fair … it was the seventies !

Priscilla says:

Terrifying, yes, esp all that naughty pine… And yet we click to read more.

I am missing one of the 70’s signature elements: the plants. Where are the plants? 😉

whyioughtta says:

Glad to see the "70s random vegetable shot" makes an appearance.

I am begging you to please show us the terrifying shots!

oregonbird says:

I’m seriously rethinking my devotion to silk trees. It could be an implant. That said — I’m just going to heed the warning. I can’t even watch old British movies without losing concentration to the mod! Anthony Newley deserves so much more.

Christine says:

I bad shots you described sounded like the house that I grew up in. But where is the orange? You cannot forget the ugly orange!!

Martha says:

Conversation pits. Groovy idea, awesome name.


Ha! my parents had a HALF MOON wall like that in our home when I was growing up…. 🙂

Jen Ramos

Bjorn Blinkerkamp says:

Jorgen, mine is nat english very gud but in zis i am inspire muchly thank you from ideas very gud i live.

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